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PostSubject: istilah-istilah   Sun Oct 05, 2008 4:20 am

Walah aku Cuma isenga aja….mumpung ada yang gratis…g nyambung..
Ini hanya istilah-istilah kecil..hanya untuk meramaikan forum…khekhekh

ADP : Automatic Data Processing
AI : Artificial Intelegence
APL : ADA Programing Language
APSE : ADA Project Support Environment
ASCII : American Standard Code for Information Interchange
ASIC : Application Specific Intergreted Circuit
ATM : Automated Teller Machine
BASIC : Biginners’ All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
BIOS : Basic Input Output System
BPS : Bit Per Secon
CAD : computer aided desain
CAM : computer aided manufacture
CAIS : common apse interface set
CASE : computer aided software enginer
CD-ROM : compact disc-read only memory
CGA : colour graphic adapter
CIM : computer integrated manufacturing
CMOS : complimentary metal oxide semiconductor
CNC : coputer numerical control
COBOL : commond business oriented language
COM : computer output microfilm, microform, microfice
CPS : character per second
CPU : central processing unit
CRT : cathode ray tube
CSMA : carrier sanse multiple access
CUG : closed user group
DASD : direct access storage device
DBMS : database management system
DCA : document content architecture
DDBMS : distribute database management system
DDL : data description language
DIA : document interchange architecture
DML : data manipulation
DP : data processing
DPM : data processing menager
DRAM : dynamic random access memory
DTP : desktop publishing
EBCEDIC : extended binary-coded decimal interchange code
ECL : emitter coupled logic
EDP : electronic data processing
EPROM : erasable programming read only memory
FLOPS : floating point operating per second
FORTRAN : formula translation
GaAs : galum arsenide
GB : gigabyte
GCR : group codec recording
HAD : head disc assembly
IC : integrated circuit
IDA : integrated digital access
I/O : input/output
IPS : inches per second
IPSE : integrated project support environment
IPSS : international packet switched service
IRDS : information resource digital system
ISDN : integrated service digital network
IT : information teknology
Kb : kilobyte
LAN : local area network
LIPS : logical inferences per secon
LSI : large scale integration
MAP : manufacture application protocol
Mb : Megabyte
MCA : micra channel architecture
MCGA : multi color graphic array
MDA : monochrome display adapter
MHz : Megahertz
MIPS : millions of instruction per secon
MIS : management information system
MMI : man-machine interface
MOS : metal oxid semiconductor
MOTIS : message oriented text interchange system
MTBF : mean time between failure
MTTR : mean time to repair
NC : numerical control
NMOS : n-channel metal oxide semiconductor
OCR : optical character recognition
ODA : office document architecture
OEM : original equipment manufacturer
OSI : open system interconection
PABX : private automatic brance exchange
PAD : packet assembly disassambly
PC : personal computer
PCB : printed circuit board
PCM : plug compatible amnufacture
PCTE : portable common tool environment
PGA : professional graphic adaptor
PL/I : programming language/one
POS : point of sale
POWU : post office work unit
PROM : programmable read only memory
PSS : packet switch system
PSTN : public switched telephone network
PTT : postal telegraph an telephon agency
RAM : random access memory
RAS : reliability, availability, serviceability
RDBMS : relational data base menegement system
RISC : reduce instruction set computer
ROM : read only memory
SAA : system application arsitecture
SNA : system network arsitecture
SQL : structured query language
SSADM : structure system analisis and desain method
TCM : thermal conduction module
TOP : teknikal officer logic
TTL : transistor” logic
VANS : value added network service
VAR : video added reseller
VGA : video graphic array
VDU : visual display unit
VLSI : very large scale integration
VITAM : virtual telecumminication access methode
WAN : wide area network
WORM : write once read many
WSI : wafer scale integration
WYSIWYG : what you see what you get

sorry kita nda tau mau kse maso dmn...!!!!! scratch Surprised
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